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A brown haired pregnant model with a knowing smile on her face. She stands with her left hand on her hip in a sassy pose, wearing tan maternity stretch-waist trousers, white undershirt, and large white unbuttoned outer shirt hanging off her left shoulder.

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Black ball Nicki at the B.I.T.O.

A young dark haired woman named Raina who looks to be about six months pregnant. She's wearing a one-piece swimsuit style denim suit with a white T-shirt visible at the shoulders and upper arms.  She is sitting on a small wooden stool beside a tall bookcase. She is smiling and has her right hand against the side of her belly. This picture was taken by Flying Solo and was copyrighted 1998 by the Amateur & Teen Kingdom. It is displayed here on this non-profit site for the purposes of fan appreciation only. No disrespect in the displaying of this photo is intended.