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A brown haired pregnant model with a knowing smile on her face. She stands with her left hand on her hip in a sassy pose, wearing tan maternity stretch-waist trousers, white undershirt, and large white unbuttoned outer shirt hanging off her left shoulder.

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PumpkinBelly's Patch. The title sign is held by the beautiful red-haired pumpkinbellied pregnant girl. The picture is a wonderful gift from The Pregnant Drawer.


This site has been established as a non-profit storage area for images, fiction, and links associated with pregnancy, female body inflation, female belly growth, and related areas. This is an adult-only Web site intended for users 18 years and older only. Although there are some adult elements, do not assume that it is for porn. If you want porn, then go elsewhere.

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The site will be updated at least twice a month using files from my private directories or submitted materials. All copyrighted story and image files will be credited. In fact, the only time any material will not be credited is when the author or creator is unknown. Please make sure to include your name with the original files you submit. Plain text format for story files is preferred. Having your E-mail address posted with the files is an available option, but you will have to specify whether or not you want this when you send something my way.

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